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Aaron Finn

Head Performance Nutritionist & Founder (SENr, MSc, BSc, UKAD, PN1)


I’m a coach, but more importantly, I’m an athlete too. I’m an athlete who has suffered at the hands of miss information and confusion around nutrition and fuelling my performance.


This is why I do what I do. I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve been in that situation where I didn’t know the solution. I made the decision to get educated, but that still wasn’t enough. I still had to suffer through health setbacks, injuries, and performance plateaus. Through, years of consistent work, dedication and sacrifice, I have built the knowledge and skills needed to overcome my own performance problems.


So, this little fire in me, a passion to help other athletes overcome issues that might have persisted with them through their entire career and maybe in some cases could of stopped them from competing or enjoying their sports. For me, sport is all about getting out there and expressing your potential and being present in the moment. Being able to do that at your highest capacity is something that is amazing and is something that I want every individual athlete to be able to do.


What I really enjoy the most is getting into the nitty gritty of what really is causing an athlete a problem when it comes to their diet. I’m not into looking for a quick fix. I want to go deeper into the problem to really find the root cause. I’m a big believer in treating the root cause over treating the symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, this can take a lot of effort & time, but when I find the solution that the athlete really needs, it lights me up. It’s amazing to see someone push past what they are capable of by getting to the bottom of their problems.


I help endurance of athletes who are struggling with not knowing how to fuel their training, not knowing how to adapt their nutrition to their competition to their goals their demands. I work with athletes who are completely unsure of and unaware of how to start tacking their diet. I also work with individuals who have a good basis, but they need to fine tune things on race day in terms of plans, techniques and strategies. In a nutshell, I work with individuals who need help with improving their performance by getting the most out of their nutrition.

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Amy Adams

Performance Nutritionist (BSc)

I am a passionate and dedicated nutritionist with a profound love for endurance sports.

My journey in the realm of health and fitness began at South East Technological University, where I earned my Bachelor in Science degree in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. This educational background has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.

Throughout my academic journey, I chose to specialize my research in a field close to my heart—the female athlete. Recognizing the unique nutritional needs and challenges that female athletes face, I delved into exploring strategies to optimize their performance, recovery, and long-term health. This specialization has not only shaped my expertise but
also fuelled my commitment to empowering women in the realm of sports and fitness. Within both academic and professional spheres, my profound appreciation for endurance sports has played a pivotal role in moulding my professional ethos.

My firsthand experience underscores the critical significance of precise nutritional strategies in attaining peak performance and the consequential impact on an individual is health and well-being. In addition to my role as a nutritionist, I serve as a running coach—a position that aligns seamlessly with my enduring passion for endurance sports.


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Shane Noonan

Sport Psychology Consultant (MSc)


I’m Shane. I am a Sport Psychology Consultant who primarily focuses on the impact our mind can have on performance. I like to work with athletes on identifying how their thoughts impact their performance, and how to change their relationship with unhelpful thoughts which move them away from their goals. 

As a young athlete I often suffered from performance anxiety and fear of failure, which held me back. That is why I believe helping athletes develop psychological skills to manage their thoughts and emotions leading up to a competition is very important. 

As a long-distance runner, I am aware of the mind games which often occur as a race goes on and the effort to maintain goal pace increases. I enjoy working with other endurance-based athletes to help them push themselves further in pursuit of their goals. 

Claire McDonald Noonan

Sport Psychology Consultant (MSc)


I’m Claire, and I’m a Sport Psychology Consultant. I have a background in psychology and wellbeing, and later chose to specialise in sport and exercise psychology. I came to sport late in life and through witnessing the impact of training and competition on mental states, I developed a passion for athlete wellbeing.


Being a long-distance runner, I am familiar with some of the wellbeing matters which arise for endurance athletes such as sleep problems, competition anxiety, and self-doubt. My practice is guided by a person-first, athlete-second philosophy. I enjoy helping athletes of all levels, across all sports to achieve optimal wellbeing and performance. 

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