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We are performance nutritionists who help endurance athletes boost their performance for podium finishes
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We are a team of athletes who are so passionate about the impact our diets can have on our performance!


This is Our Mission

And this is why we do what we do...

We are a team of athletes, and we've experienced our fair share of being mind-boggled by all the contrasting information out there
We've struggled and endured hardships trying to understand the exact science behind fueling our bodies for our sports. We have spent years educating ourselves to get to where we are now.
Our biggest aim is to take the struggle away from as many athletes as we can. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to nail your nutrition, so you can focus your limited time on the most important part - your performance!


Why us ?

Because we make things;


We take away the confusion by showing you how to optimally fuel each event to maximise performance without any debilitating GI issues.


Know exactly how to adapt and change your nutrition, without hassle and make it easily sync with your lifestyle.


We take care of all the sciencey stuff, so you have more time to worry about the important bit - getting faster race times.

How Can We Help You?

We can teach you how to fuel every training session based on intensity and phase of training with your unique goals in mind.


Take away the confusion of how to optimally fuel each event to maximise performance without any debilitating GI issues occurring.


Show you exactly how to adapt and change your nutrition to fit into your


Develop a deep understanding of how to nourish your body based on your unique needs for health and performance.

Our Performance Nutritionist


SENr Graduate Registrant (member no. 21017)

MSc Nutrition and Exercise Science (Chester University)

BSc Sport Science & Health (IT Tallaght)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

UK Anti Doping Accredited Advisor

Performance nutritionist for Kilkenny Senior & Intermediate Camogie

Performance Nutritionist for Erins Owen GAA

Performance Nutritionist for Harps GAA

Experience within 9 different sport sectors

How To Perform At Your Peak, Without Getting Sick

Discover the 3 key nutrients to focus on, and take away 4 strategies you can start using today to boost your immunity and skyrocket your performance!

Athlete Performance Nutrition Coaching


Are you ready to perform at your best in every race you do? Want to eliminate gastrointestinal distress and improve your power to weight ratio? Join the Athlete Nutrition Coaching program! This 6 month program is designed to give you a competitive edge. Delivered via an online app, monthly consultations, weekly check ins and recipes will help you eliminate GI distress and increase your athletic performance. Whether you're a triathlete, ultra endurance runner or pentathlete, our expert Performance Nutritionist has got you covered. Submit your application to get started.



The Athlete Performance Program



6 month commitment

3 phase program (Base, Build, Perform)

Monthly 1-2-1 zoom consultations

Personalised nutrition programs (Bi-monthly)

Weekly educational videos

Monthly recipe eBooks

Competition programming

Monthly analysis of your food diary

Improve your adaptability and perform at a higher standard with ease

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