Hit PBs with ease and outperform yourself and the competition at every single opportunity in 2024


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The elite athlete nutrition coaching program is designed to give you an exact, personalised, step by step strategy for fuelling each training session optimally. 

After completing this program, you can expect an increase in your VO2max, an added 15% + to your power to weight ratio (more speed and powder) and a reduction of 20% + off your personal best time. 

I will ramp up your ability to consume and burn more fuel on race day, so you can build up the intensity and pace of your race by 50%. 

This program will focus on eliminating anything that stands between you and a podium finish. You can say goodbye to vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, bloating, heart burn and frequent bathroom stops while racing. This will remove minutes, if not hours from your race time. 

I want you to hit monthly PBs and outperform yourself and the competition at every single opportunity. 

What are you waiting for?

Apply for the program and make 2024 the year you start achieving the goals you dream of.

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Improve you power to weight ratio with ease and cut 20%+ off your Personal Best time.

Know exactly how to fuel each training session and increase your work rate, reduce recovery time and outperform your competition.

Remove the risk of vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, bloating, heart burn and frequent bathroom stops while racing. 


Does this sound like you?


You know you should be sitting down each week planning out how you’re going to fuel each day and every training session with optimal nutrition, focusing on what to have for breakfast/lunch/dinner and pre/during/post training. 


Just like you meticulously plan out each training sessions week by week.


There’s only one problem, you  don’t know how to match your nutrition to each training session. 


Or maybe you think you’re doing it right, but your performance hasn’t changed.


If you ever feel like you’re in a sea of information and can’t find the right answers to your nutrition questions it’s time to seek professional help.


Get yourself a coach who knows exactly how to plan/predict and give you an exact step by step plan matching your nutrition to you training and performance goals.

Like me ;)


I Want Help

Some of the athletes I worked with last year..

And what they had to say about their experience..

Joining the Elite Athlete Nutrition Coaching program means you can...

Say goodbye to;

Feeling overwhelmed, deflated not knowing where to start when it comes to fuelling your training session.

Not hitting those paces or staying in those heart rate zones needed to drive change in the body.

Your performance plateauing and not hitting a PB in months.



Instead you'll; 

Know exactly how to fuel your unique physiology for any training session and race you plan on doing.

Shave not only minutes but hours of you best race times or PBs, allowing you to finish marathons in under 2:20 hrs. or complete Ironman 70.3’s in under 5:12 hrs.

See your VO2 max increase by at least 10%, peak and average power output (watts) increase by 33%+ and your power to weight ratio increase double fold.


The Elite Athlete Nutrition Coaching Program


The only thing standing between you and improving your performance is knowing how to fuel your training and races correctly for you.


The Athlete Performance Program is your step by step plan to unlock your full athletic potential. 


The Coaching is delivered via an online platform comprising of 

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The Structure

The only thing standing between you and improving your performance is knowing how to fuel your training and races correctly for you.

This is exactly what I help you achieve with my coaching program...

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Once you implement the strategies, techniques inside the coaching program, these are the results you’ll get;


Increased VO2 max, reducing your resting heart rate, increasing your FTP, elevating your lactate threshold, increasing your pace per KM, reducing recovery time needed and increasing your tolerance to stress, allowing you to outwork the competition. 


Improved power to weight ratio, making you lighter and faster than your pervious self. 


Removal of any debilitating GI issues like not beaning able to consume fuel, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, bloating, heart burn and frequent bathroom stops while racing that cause you to pull out of training and races.


Increased ability to consume more fuel by training your gut to digest, absorb and transport fuels to your working muscles during races.


High performance habits - intuitively listening to what the body needs deliberate practice, adaptability, consistently seeking clarity, generating energy, consistently increasing work capacity and thresholds, developing psychological flexibility, planning and predicting and experimenting.


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Is this you?


You struggle to correctly fuel your training session based on your training intensity and training session goals?


You're getting frustrated with not beaning able to make sense of all the nutrition info out there from other coaches, YouTube and google searches


You're struggling with performance plateaus, not hitting any PBs or seeing any improvement with your V02 max, FTP test, resting heart rate, peak power output, lactate threshold or pace per km/mile.


You're lost with not knowing how to fuel your races, feeling like you’re leaving some of your potential on the table.


You feel like your nutrition is the one aspect left to conquer to unleash your full athletic potential.

 The investment


Elite Athlete Performance Coaching


For the entire 6 month coaching program

  • A 6 month program delivered via an online platform with video tutorials, performance tool downloads, bite-size articles, supplement spotlights and much more.
  • Monthly private 1-2-1 zoom consultations with me
  • Bi-monthly personalised and comprehensive nutrition program
  • Access to our online courses; Perform At Your Peak Without Getting Sick and HRV course for Athletes


How is this program different to others?


The Athlete Performance is not a cut and paste nutrition plan, it’s a completely personalized nutritional system that’s designed around your unique physiology and performance goals, supported by the latest scientific research on how to fuel your body for maximum performance.


Our coaching system has been battlefield teste with over 340 athletes resulting in 5101 minutes shaved of race times, 103 podium finishes, 510 personal bests, winning 7 national titles and 3 international titles. 


Through our program, you’ll work smarter not harder, we take away the confusion by showing you how to optimally fuel each event to maximise performance without any debilitating GI issues or performance drops.


We make it easier, by educating you on how to adapt and change your nutrition without hassle and make it easily sync with your lifestyle and performance goals.


It will happen faster, we take care of all the sciencey stuff and confusion out there, distilling it down into bit size actions that have immediate effect on your performance so all you have to do is focus on the important bit, getting faster race times.

What are you waiting for?

Apply for the program and make 2024 the year you start achieving the goals you dream of.

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I used this exact same strategy to increase my work rate in training elevating my VO2 max while reducing recovery time need, taking my athletic performance from sub pare to elite.


I have stood where you are now.

Confused and frustrated with how I was performing in my training and on race day, season after season.

With no clear cut sign if this was ever going to change.


I felt like I was losing my mind, racking my brain to try and come up with some sort of solution.

Every time I tried to change some aspect of my nutrition, training & recovery plans, I wasn’t getting any where, I felt like I was taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.


I endured so much disappointment and pain suffering at the hands on not knowing how to fuel my body properly for what I was asking of it.

I spent the guts of 4 seasons banging my head against the wall trying figure out how to break through my performance plateaus and finally medal. 


This led me down the path of studying a Masters of Science in performance nutrition.

And it completely changed my performance. 


I spent a lot of time building the foundations of a high performer.

Reducing inflammation within in my body speeding up the recovery time need between training & races.

Improving my digestion allowing me to take more fuel in on race day so I could sustain higher speeds for longer.

Cutting weight, the right way increasing my power to weight ration without the negative effects on my ability to train that’s associated with losing weight.

Increasing my energy levels allowing me to work harder in each training session day after day, and so much more. 


After this I really started to hone in on specific nutrition for each training phase an endurance athlete goes through in a season.


This was one of the most empowering things I have ever done.


Not only did my performance grow exponentially but so too did my confidence.


Now I spend my time helping athletes like you do the exact same.


Imagine this... 


Imagine this, you’ve just finished the elite athlete nutrition program, you're two weeks out from the race you’ve been working for all season. 


You are getting ready to taper for the kick off of this new season, you feel calm, confident, fresh, ready to show what you can do. Ready to smash the competition.


You think back to last season, a time when this would have stressed you out. You’d be anxious, tired, feeling sore and not feeling like your best self. Questioning; am I really ready for this race?


You laugh to yourself a little and think back about how you never really thought this would be possible for you when you first started the elite athlete nutrition program.


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The most common questions I get asked...

Last Question...


Let ask you - how much happier do you think you would be if I could put an end to your performance plateaus ?

If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then you know something needs to change.

You deserve to feel good, confident, powerful, you deserve to invest in your performance and in your happiness.

I would suspect that you’re not quite getting the balance between, training nutrition & rest right most of the time. Suffering alone in silence.

You deserve so much more than that. This problem you are experiencing has a solution. It does not have to be the same this season as it was last year.

Inside the elite athlete nutrition program, I will equip you with the tools, strategies and plans you need to turn your performance around.


Are you ready to take your performance up to fishing on the podium this season???


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