The Fuelling strategy that will make you faster


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After you watch this training video, you will be able to;

  1. Increase your work capacity during training
  2. Reduce the time you spend recovering
  3. Increase your VO2 lactate threshhold
  4. Increase your pace per km
  5. Shave 20%+ of time off your PB


Increased work rate, PBs, podium finishes... 

All of my top strategies for achieving these kind of results are enclosed inside this tutorial. 

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Let me ask you a few questions...

  1. Can you match your nutrition to your training?
  2. Do you know how to properly fuel yourself during training sessions?
  3. Do you know what to eat to reduce recovery time?
  4. Are you unhappy with your performance outcomes last year?
  5. Did you achieve the goals you set out to achieve in the last 12 months?


If you answered no to any 3 of these questions, I highly encourage you to watch my free training tutorial. 


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