What if I told you I could help you to skyrocket your race time, improve your ability to work harder for longer and eliminate all of your GI issues??

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 Let me guess, you're probably hitting the wall sooner than you expect to, you're feeling tired and fatigued more than you should be and you've tried all of the supplements to no avail..?

I completely hear you! I hear this from so many endurance athletes every week! We work with athletes of all levels to cut the sh*t out of the barrage of information out there!

Our approach is based upon first understanding you, your sport, your lifestyle, your health, your time availability etc. and based upon this we will develop a personalised approach to suit YOU!

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Drop Body Fat

Increase your power to weight ratio

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Recover 10x quicker

Increase your energy levels & boost your health

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Skyrocket your race time

Become an unstoppable power source

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What Our Clients Say


Aaron is fantastic to work with. His knowledge, attention to detail and availability were all superb, allowing me to concentrate on my training, with the knowledge that my nutrition would at all times give me the required amount of energy to maximise my performance. It all culminated in my best personal performance in the 2019 Ironman Barcelona, where I beat my best expected time by 38 minutes, with a 10:52 time. I would recommend Aaron to professionals, let alone us amateurs.

Don Morrissey, Triathlon Athlete


I started the 1-1 coaching with Aaron at the start of my cross country running season. Once I downloaded the app, the first week involved logging everything I ate and drank as well as exercise for 7 days. From here Aaron designed a nutrition plan for me. After my initial consultation, I followed my nutrition plan as best I could. If ever I was unsure of which foods to choose Aaron was always available through email/WhatsApp to guide me along the way. He was a great support whenever I had ‘off-days’ and helped me get back on track.I have a much greater knowledge of what my body requires to get through a tough race, in the days leading up to the race, the day of the race and post race.I saw great results with my plan and won the county novice cross country race. To say I was delighted would be an understatement.The conscious performance nutrition plan is excellent for anyone who wants to reach the next level in their training. I would highly recommend Aaron and the 1-1 coaching programme ☝!

Louise Fogarty, Runner


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