I want to show you exactly why, as an athlete, your immune system may be compromised, and I want to teach you what you can do to reduce the risk of infections.

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If you're feeling the same way as me right now, you're frustrated and deflated about cancelled events. You might be wondering what you should do about your training, should you continue or should you stop?

I understand the position that you're in. It's difficult to know what to do next, yet it is so important to remember that there are ways that we can take control back.

The next step you need to take is to understand how to listen to your body. You need to calculate whether your current training status is in the high or low risk category for contracting infection. Then you need to understand how to make the right decision about your training at the moment.

5 Week Endurance Athlete Immunity Course


I'll educate you through this 5 week course to help grasp a better understanding of how the immune system works, how exercise impacts it, and what you can do to prevent set backs. The ultimate goal is to ensure you are as robust as possible to get back out competing once we return to normality. 
Duration: 5 weeks
Weekly time commitment: 1.5 hours
Content: Video lectures, articles, powerpoints & quizzes 
Modules: Outlined below

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What Our Clients Say


Signed up with Aaron 18 months ago as part of my preparation for Race Across America 2019, his attention to detail in my dietary and nutritional plan both on and off the bike was excellent, his knowledge and interest in what works for me was something I would have never known if I wasn’t introduced to Conscious Performance Nutrition. I am currently preparing for Race Around Ireland in August 2020, Aaron is once again a vital cog in this challenge. I would highly recommend CPN to anyone looking for performance improvement.

Pat Maher, Cyclist


This is a great company run by people who really know what they’re doing! I always thought that I had a good understanding of what I was putting into my body but they’ve been able point things out and tweak my diet to help make a real difference! I’d highly recommend them to anyone

Dan Hollingworth


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I'll share the strategies we use with our endurance athletes to make sure immunity doesn't get in the way of performance.

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