Performance Nutrition Program

Why our nutrition programs are an optimal choice for any athlete;


1. They're Personalized

Our programs take into account your physiology, your preferences, your tolerances, your training and race schedules, even the climates you’ll be training/competing in. This information enables us to design a highly specific personal nutritional strategy for you.

2. Remove the guess work

We give you the piece of mind that your nutrition plan is tailored to your needs, that it's safe, and most importantly it's evidence based & effective at maximising your athletic performance, whether that’s for training or competition.

3. Perform Better

Our professional performance nutrition program will aid you in performing at you best, our strategies are all based on the latest science that’s been tried and tested on elite level athletes.

4. Avoid GI Issues

With the correct selection of fuel pre training / competition alongside the optimal timing, our programs will aid you in preventing GI issues caused by not knowing what to eat i.e. whether to go for solid foods, liquids or a mix of both, and when to consume it, along with what fuels to use (glucose, fructose) and their optimal combinations.

5. Prevent dietary Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies.

Our performance nutrition programs will ensure that you are eating the full spectrum of fruits and vegetables based on your own personal preferences to ensure you are getting your required micro nutrients, to maximise performance.

6. Choose your own meals

This is not a ridged/ boring meal plan. Our nutrition programs give you the freedom to pick, swap and mix up your meal selections based on your individual goals. This gives you control over your choices guided by us to ensure you hit your specific personal nutritional goals.



What’ Included

  • Specific personalized energy balance targets specific to your goals (lose/maintain/increase weight).
  • Nutritional periodization based on your training intensities and competition schedules.
  • Personalized nutrient timing for pre/intra/post training.
  • Food group choices based on your macro nutrient requirements.
  • Personalized Hydration guide.
  • Self-evaluation sweat testing tool.
  • Recipes suggestions and cooking guides.
  • Extensive food data base to pick from.
  • How to fuel during your competition.
  • Shopping list, meal prep and portions guides.


How it works

  1. About you – detailed questionnaires to get an understanding of you, your habits, your preferences & goals
  2. Your event – training loads, upcoming races/events.
  3. Your Fuel – fuel preference’s, tolerances, considerations.
  4. Your Plan – review, adapt, personalized.
  5. You perform – analysis & execute.

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