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I found the help and advice I got second to none I’ve followed many diets in the past and have found that I always feel drained or weak when it comes to the later stage in the diet, with the plan and help I received I found not only was I performing better but I had a much better quality of sleep I was waking up fresh!! Also the app the guys provided me with made the diet which was already laid out so it was easy to follow even easier! I didn’t have to try memorize my food just as I ate a meal. I put it on my tracker and it broke everything down for me and showed me how close I was to my target for the day! Great addition to a fantastic program couldn’t recommend these guys enough I’m very honored to work with true professionals.

—  Dylan Logan, MMA athlete (Newbridge, Ireland)

The Watershed

Bohernatounish Rd


Co. Kilkenny

1 Traynor House

College street

Carlow town

Co. Carlow

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