... Until our 1-1 Athlete coaching spots open!

1-1 Coaching

Why should you consider it?

You want to become an elite level athlete.

You want to become faster, more agile, more robust and always maximise your performance.

You want to gain more recognition from your peers and coaches.

You want to actually start reaping the rewards of your endless hard work and training.

You want to get credible advice from an expert in the field.

Initial 30 minute consultation (in person/sykpe)

2 Check ins per week from your coach

Habits and lessons to develop healthy, sustainable eating patterns

Nutrition for recovery and pre, during & post training nutrition

Weekly analysis reports (food choice analysis, deficiency analysis, behavioral analysis & monthly progress report)

Sport specific competition fueling strategies 

Protocols for maximizing hydration

Improve sleeping patterns through dietary interventions to improve recovery rates

Supplement recommendations

What's the criteria?

Who will you be working with?

Our Head Performance Nutritionist,

Aaron Finn

  • MSc Exercise Science & Nutrition 

  • BSc Sport Science & Health

  • SENr Graduate Registrant

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach

  • Certified UK Anti-doping adviser

The Watershed

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